What is the Cost of Solar Panels?

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Solar panels are a good choice of change over in this modernized world. When you change to solar panels, it helps in reducing global warming too.

The cost of solar panels will be expensive, but it will make you feel a good return on investment.

You can see changes in your electricity bills too. Solar panel installation requires less maintenance cost. Installing solar panels increases the value of your property.

You have full authority over your electricity consumption. Your current electricity usage calculates the size of the installation.

Glyde solar is one of the leading companies in the solar industry. The mission of Glyde solar is to establish energy independence for people. The main aim is to make people understand the uses of solar energy and guide them on how to use it, and transform their entire house to solar power.

Here, let us discuss the expenses of solar panel installation and let us also know about how the cost factor changes from place to place.

The average cost of solar panels

Solar Panel Cost Analysis ChartImage source : Gstatic

Solar panel expenses are calculated based on various factors like usage, installation cost, and location. Though it gives you free electricity, you must pay an amount to buy and install them. In the US, the average home solar panel upfront costs $11000 to $15000. The installation charges may be added to the cost of solar panels. Labor costs and added equipment will also cost an extra amount. Compared to last year, the cost of solar panels has reduced in the current year. The energy efficiency depends on the power of the sunlight in the area.

The cost of solar panels over time

Cost of Solar Panels over timeImage Source : Google

As the sale of solar panels has reached out well worldwide, the current cost factor has gone down. Since 2010, the cost of solar panels has been reduced by about 90%. The growth of solar installation has risen drastically by about 400%and which is why the price decreased. Installing solar panels gives you a lot of cost savings in your monthly electricity bill.

Cost of a solar panel system

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Cost of solar panels for 3 bedroom house

You might need at least 19 film panels for a 3bhk house, but it depends on your current electricity usage. For a single inverter battery, the average installation price will be $400 and $700 for a double inverter battery.

Actual project costs around $1500 for a battery with 1-kilowatt solar system installation. You can use the electric power supply for about 8-10 hours effectively. 

Cost survey of solar panels at various places

Cost Survey of Solar Panels

Image Source : Gstatic


Place Average cost per watt
Texas $2.60
California $2.68
Florida $2.41
Virginia $2.66
Georgia $2.33
Ontario Canada $2.67

Cost of solar panels per square foot

The cost of solar panels per square foot is $4 to $10 for a house. Every state will decide the amount of tax and incentives, which will add to the total amount. Some states give rebates and utilities, which will reduce the total cost estimate. Financing options are up to you whether you can lease the solar panels or own them.  

 Number of solar panels needed to power a house


Size of usage No. of panels Average production in kWh
2 6-8 2,652
3 10-12 3,978
5 16-21 6,630
6 20-25 7,956
8 26-33 10,608
10 33-41 13,260
12 40-49 15,912
15 50-61 19,890
18 59-73 23,868

Solar Panel installation cost

solar system cost factorsImage source : Gstatic

The initial installation cost depends on the area and the amount of usage. The geographic location of our house decides the amount to be charged.

The installation companies have planned the total cost based on the rebates and federal tax incentives included in that area.

A residential installation is generally sized at 3kw to 8kw, and it will cost between $9,255 to 28,000. Certain additional factors determine the extra cost of the solar panel’s installation. The cost varies by location. They are mentioned below

  • Roof size
  • Cost of equipment
  • Your home’s average usage and requirement.
  • The average amount of sun rays fall on your rooftop.
  • The price is fixed by the local authority for your solar panel system installation.
  • The labor cost in your area.
  • Discounts and incentives that you may get during this installation.

Repairs and replacement cost

Every solar company gives you a warranty for about 20 years, but when there is a natural disaster such as hail storms, extreme snow, and hurricanes, you must do proper maintenance after that.

Solar power depends on sun exposure. The total amount includes the cost of labor when you are given a quote for your solar panel system; labor costs are typically included. Costs, current roof repair, and the additional cost of installing a new panel cost for the repair and replacement.

Generally, removing the entire panel costs between $400 to $600. The cost of labor includes $100 per panel for removing it. $100 per hour for any repair or replacement works.

It may cost around $800 for current roof repair. For general cleaning, it costs around $10 to $20 per panel. The cost varies from place to place. As every renewable energy and roof is different, there will be a cost change depending on it.

If the solar panel system is laid on the rooftop, the cost will be higher when compared to the solar panel system laid on the ground. The rooftop installation depends on the roof size and sunlight exposure. Every cost varies by location.

Solar panel maintenance cost

The cost to maintain a solar panel varies from place to place. The average cost of maintenance is around $300 to $700. Most of the landlords pay $400 for cleaning and maintenance of a single-story home. Cleaning a 10-panel 2kW system costs $150, whereas a 20-panel 3kW system costs $1000. 

 You can contact  Glyde Solar for details.


When you decide on a change in your electricity, you can install a solar panel system. If you are the owner of a house, then you must calculate a budget plan. The budget plan must include installation cost, travel cost, clearing the trees around cost, maintenance cost in future, labor cost, and roof changes cost if there is any. Compare the cost requirement from your local solar companies and then go for it. Do not forget to verify the rebates and incentives given in your local state or area. 


1.Do you save money by using a solar panel system at your house?

Yes, installing solar panels will save your electricity bill, and it is a good return on investment plan

2.How much does a single solar panel cost?

A single solar panel and its installation may cost between $2.67 and $3.43.

3.Does installing a solar panel increase your house value?

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory says that every single dollar you save using solar energy will increase the value of your house by $20.

4.How much does it cost to clean solar panels?

You can hire labor from the local area for $3 to $10 per panel to clean solar panels.

5.What are the financial benefits of using a solar panel system?

Installing solar panels will reduce your electricity bills. The amount of savings depends on the utility rates.

6.Buying or leasing solar panels, which is better?

You can decide on buying or leasing solar panels depending on your financial situation. But if you need good financial returns in the future, you can go for a buying option.

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