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Florida Solar Incentives

Go Solar in 5 Steps

The process of going solar can seem complicated. Our seamless experience will help you make the transition.

Residence Survey

We visit your home to measure and create a custom plan for your solar energy system.

Design & Permits

We’ll review your expert design and notify you of any updates to the original plan. Then we’ll take care of permits with the city.

System Installation

Your home gets upgraded to solar energy! An average system will take about a day to complete the installation.

City Inspection

The city will then need to inspect your system to assess that it is up to code.

Grid Connection

Working together with your utility, we will get your system connected to the grid and you can start enjoying solar energy!

Florida Solar Panels Installation

Solar power is one of the most abundant and inexpensive sources for generating clean, renewable energy. For years Florida has lagged behind other sun-rich states when it comes to residential solar installation, but recent changes have seen this trend change in a big way! With new laws being passed that encourage residents from across our beautiful state with generous incentives on top of already rich potentials – there’s never been a better time than now to go green AND save some money too!

How Solar Panels Work

Solar energy system basics are simple to understand. Solar panels generate DC electricity when the sun shines. This is converted to AC inside your home by an inverter, and you can export any excess back into the grid for credits with net metering in Florida!

Saving Money With Solar Panels

You can expect to see huge financial savings over the lifetime of your system. Solar energy systems in sunny Florida have the potential for nearly 24 hours’ worth of power, which means you’ll be saving money on electricity bills every single day!

26% Solar Rebate (Investment Tax Credit)

If you’re thinking about going solar, there is a big incentive with the Solar Tax Credit equal to 26% of the cost of purchase and installation of your system! That means when tax time comes around again next year you can take home more money in direct cash backed by Uncle Sam just for installing these clean energy sources on your home.

The ITC (Investment Tax Credit) is a tax credit that has empowered millions to invest in solar power. It’s due to expire at the end of 2023, but you can claim this valuable offer before it slips through your fingers.

Choose Glyde Solar in Florida

Glyde Solar offers a top-of-the-line solar panel solution that will save you money over time. With us, as your partner, you can be sure to get an efficient system tailored just right for your needs.

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