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Utah Solar Incentives

Go Solar in 5 Steps

The process of going solar can seem complicated. Our seamless experience will help you make the transition.

Residence Survey

We visit your home to measure and create a custom plan for your solar energy system.

Design & Permits

We’ll review your expert design and notify you of any updates to the original plan. Then we’ll take care of permits with the city.

System Installation

Your home gets upgraded to solar energy! An average system will take about a day to complete the installation.

City Inspection

The city will then need to inspect your system to assess that it is up to code.

Grid Connection

Working together with your utility, we will get your system connected to the grid and you can start enjoying solar energy!

Utah is Great Place for Solar Energy

Utah has an excellent, long history of utilizing this sustainable and renewable resource that provides clean electricity to residents without harming the environment or animals living on land nearby – unlike other fossil fuels such as oil which causes pollution when burned with high temperatures resulting in carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere making it worse than before all these problems around us today! 

Solar panels on homes, businesses, and government buildings can make a huge difference not only in how we look but also in what our environment will be like for future generations as well! The sunny days of Utah are perfect for solar energy. 

The Bureau Land Management identified 17 “Solar Energy Zones,” which can be found all over America with great potential to produce clean, renewable electricity from these natural resources–and three out of those seventeen special locations happen right here in our wonderful state!

Utilize the advantages of Solar in Utah

The state of Utah provides a 25% tax credit on residential solar panel systems up to $1,600. This varies depending upon what utility company you have and the maximum amount is reduced until it expires in 2024.

Even though Net Metering isn’t available in Utah, some utilities still offer credit for any extra energy you generate with your rooftop solar panels. So there is no reason not to get those panels and start saving money today!

In addition to the benefits that the state of Utah gives for endorsing Solar Energy, The federal government also offers a federal solar tax credit as an opportunity to save money on your taxes. 

You can deduct 26% of the cost from what you pay for installing and owning a system. It’s important to note that this tax credit is being phased out over the next several years – only available until 2023.

How to Save with Solar

You’ll be saving money on your electricity bills every single day with a solar energy system! Beautiful Utah is one of the best places in America for these systems, as they typically produce power nearly all day. This means you could see huge financial savings over time!

Homeowners in Utah can protect themselves by creating solar easements on their property. This is a great way to ensure your solar energy system will always be able to produce the most energy possible.

Glyde is Committed to Better Energy in Utah

As one of Utah’s leading solar providers, we’re focused on creating the best experience in energy. That means easy installation and maintenance so you can enjoy worry-free living!

We can be a part of the solution in reducing our carbon footprint by building up clean, sustainable energy in Utah. 

With solar power as well! There are many benefits when you create this type of renewable resources like damages done to air quality from fossil fuels because they’re so harmful to both humans & animals alike.

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