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North Carolina Solar Incentives

Go Solar in 5 Steps

The process of going solar can seem complicated. Our seamless experience will help you make the transition.

Residence Survey

We visit your home to measure and create a custom plan for your solar energy system.

Design & Permits

We’ll review your expert design and notify you of any updates to the original plan. Then we’ll take care of permits with the city.

System Installation

Your home gets upgraded to solar energy! An average system will take about a day to complete the installation.

City Inspection

The city will then need to inspect your system to assess that it is up to code.

Grid Connection

Working together with your utility, we will get your system connected to the grid and you can start enjoying solar energy!

North Carolina and Solar Just Make Sense

Installing a solar photovoltaic system in North Carolina is an excellent investment thanks to the high daily peak sun-hours received, along with various rebates and performance payments for solar power. There is also a property tax exemption and a favorable net metering policy to complete the list of benefits in North Carolina providing you with many reasons to adopt solar energy!

How to Save Money with Solar in North Carolina

We all know that not every household is the same, which means there’s no magical number for how big your solar system should be. However, most homes can get good results with a 5kW installation so we’ll break down these financials based on this capacity option!

– Your solar system will slowly save you money essentially paying itself off over it’s life.

– The value of your home may also increase for having Solar Panels installed!

– Your solar PV system has the same environmental benefit as planting over 100 trees per year, which means the planet also benefits from your investment!

Tax Incentives and Rebates with Solar

With so many incentives for going solar, North Carolinians are sure to find a way that works best with their property and budget. The main incentive is the 80% tax exemption on any increase in value after installing photovoltaic systems – which can make it easily worth every penny! Also, don’t forget the 26% federal tax credit, which is available throughout the US thanks to Federal guidelines and extensions passed by congress. The State government used to offer an extra 35% tax credit on top of the ITC, which brought their total incentives worth up nicely. Unfortunately, it expired in 2015 but before then you could get back your investment in as little as eight years!

Does North Carolina Support Net Metering

The net metering framework in North Carolina ensures you get to keep any surplus kilowatt-hour production. This means that if your energy consumption exceeds what is being generated, the credits can be rolled over and used during a high-demand season like winter when people typically have lower electricity needs due to heaters and lights not working as much. The only drawback of this system though is those who produce significantly more than they consume because at some point all accumulated yearlong surpluses will expire before summer starts up again. Achieving the optimal balance between production capacities while avoiding unnecessary waste or missed opportunities by meeting demands exactly when they occur makes it possible to ensure timely electricity delivery.

Help Glyde Keep North Carolina Beautiful

We are a company that offers solar energy services in the form of installation, financing, and after-installation support. We will go to great lengths for our customers so they can have access to clean renewable sources like sunlight!

If you’re ready to go solar today or just want some advice, give us a call! We specialize in residential installations and can provide systems for $0 down. Our team of experts is always happy to help with any questions that arise during your project so don’t hesitate on getting them answered as soon as possible. It’s never been easier than now—or cheaper either; Glyde’s top priority is making clean energy accessible across most homes throughout the state by providing affordable price points while still delivering high-quality service all at once.

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