Protect Your Home From Power Outages


When the weather forecast predicts any storm, it’s time to prepare for power outages. Cold-season failures often happen during freezing rain and high winds that damage lines and equipment in homes across America, but there are ways you can be ready! To ensure your safety (and those around YOU), read on:

Surge Protectors for your Power

Get surge protectors! These are a must for your costly electronic items. If you have an expensive TV, it’s worthwhile to purchase the protector so that the risk of damage is lower- especially if others in your house use them too or might move their device around when they walk by accidentally, causing volts spikes which can fry electronics on contact (not fun!). The same goes with other essential appliances like refrigerators and washing machines – buy protection from those voltage spikes.

Power Down

If you live in a storm-prone area, take the time to power down and unplug all electronics when one is approaching. Lightning can come through wiring without protection from these items if they’re left on standby mode or plugged into an outlet with others that aren’t switched off, therefore removing any risk for damage!

Disaster Kits

Make sure you have a disaster kit that includes supplies for each member of your household, including children and pets. The minimum contents should consist of flashlights as well batteries (in case the power goes out), bottled water to keep hydrated if there’s an emergency at home or elsewhere on site where people may not be able to access tap fixtures easily like schools do when they’re closed due to teacher training exercises; nonperishable food items such meal prep kits which can provide much-needed sustenance during natural disasters – even though these types aren’t generally thought about beforehand one will want some kind along these lines in case

solar panels

Solar Panels

Homeowners who want to be prepared for the coming storms and other natural disasters should consider installing solar panels on their houses. With a battery backup, you can use clean energy during outages instead of relying solely upon electricity from dirty sources like coal-fired power plants that contribute heavily to climate change. Not only will this help keep your food cool, but it also allows other devices in homes to stay powered up, including electronics which enable families to have more time together without having any concerns about keeping them running using traditional methods. Contact Glyde Solar to get a free quote on installing solar panels on your home!


Householders should be prepared for storms and flooding. The best way to protect your home from these natural disasters is with a sump pump with backup battery power, or as an option, get yourself a generator.

From the kitchen table to your television set, our homes are full of electronics. And if there’s one thing that can cause problems in an outage, it’s broken appliances! The good news? We’ve got you covered with some helpful tips for protecting yourself and all those expensive pieces from damage during these harsh weather conditions- even though they may seem impossible right now.

An extended power outage is something that many people are unfamiliar with. A home’s ability to stay warm during such an event will depend mainly on how well it has been insulated and sealed against cold drafts, as well as what backup plans you have in place for your heating needs if the primary source fails- this could include burning candles or turning off some valves but knowing which ones beforehand can save time!

This summer is going to be tough no matter what! But with the right backup plan, you can keep your home safe and comfortable. For more protection, consider installing an alternative for electricity needs like solar panels.

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