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Before you commit to investing in a new form of power for your home, you probably have some questions. Glyde Solar experts have the answers.
If you want to know about the services we offer, and what makes Glyde the right choice for solar installation, check out our video with answers to common solar questions we get asked.
Can solar power eliminate my utility bill?
Does solar power increase the efficiency of my home?
How does solar power work?
Can I get an assessment to see if my home is a good fit for solar?
Can I get free quotes for solar panels?
Are there jobs in the solar industry?
Glyde has these answers and more; reach out to learn more about our special offers and services if you have any other questions

Glowing Reviews From Glyde Customers

More Than 150+ 5-Star Reviews Prove Why Glyde Is The Route To Go.
Had Solar on My Last House...
Kendal Chrysler
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...They were with me the whole process and I would like to say I wish I would have went with them to go solar on my last house. I know what’s it’s like to go through the process before, and they absolutely crushed it. Anything that held the process up (cus solar can be confusing) or question I had they made me feel like I care.
Installing solar panels is a complex…
Stane Oklay
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Installing solar panels is a complex process, but Glyde Solar did a very good job from start to finish. They were very thorough in explaining all aspects of the project: technical, tax impact, financing, installation, expectations of energy production, permits, etc. Each step of the way was communicated well, and completed when promised.
Amazing Company
Marina Ackermann
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Amazing company! Our rep was great! He answered all our questions, made us feel comfortable and even hooked us up with new energy efficient light bulbs and Nest Thermostat. The project manager was awesome at keeping us informed and install couldn't have gone better. I'm so happy that we chose Glyde Solar.
The whole team at Glyde Solar did an…
Andre Jackson
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The whole team at Glyde Solar did an all-around excellent job! They showed up on time as expected and communicated everything very clearly on what I can expect to see and happen. They were all very professional and courteous throughout the entire process. I am already seeing much lower electric bills.
Glyde has these answers and more; reach out to learn more about our special offers and services if you have any other questions

Smart and Safe Home Services from Glyde

How can you make solar power work even harder for you? With added services from Glyde, you can enjoy home security from Safe Home.

Safe Home Solutions

With smart home devices such as cameras, window sensors, and Nest thermostats, you can monitor the inside and outside of your home, all powered by solar.

Energy Efficiency Package

Further reduce your environmental impact by pairing solar energy with other energy-efficient practices. The contractors we partner with recommend upgrades including new roofing, insulation, and using LED lighting throughout your home.


For ultimate surge protection, Glyde offers the SaticShield PowerBox. It can extend the life of your equipment and increase the efficiency of your electronics. Other benefits of the PowerBox include:
PowerBox can deliver all these features thanks to an integrated circuit board design.

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