The Future of Energy is Here as Biden signs historic Inflation Reduction Act of 2022!

With the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden has kick-started America’s clean energy revolution. In a historic move for renewable technology and climate change efforts alike, he signed into law ten years’ worth tax incentives that will help jumpstart private investments in solar panel manufacturing as well other critical components like storage systems – all while creating jobs right here at home!

The SEIA was able to secure a long-term framework for solar and storage industries that will drive economic growth across America. Thanks largely due in part to their dedicated advocacy efforts on behalf of members, partners, and themselves, respectively!

The United States will soon be able to deploy enough clean energy to tackle climate change after the passing of a new law. This bill features long-term investments in renewable resources and incentives for storage, which give solar power companies stability with their policies so they can continue providing us with an affordable path to clean energy! The solar and storage industry is about to hire hundreds of thousands of new workers and deploy historic levels of clean electricity in our country – a once-in opportunity that must not be missed!

We are in the midst of a historic opportunity to jumpstart our clean energy future and help create jobs. The investments we make today will have lasting effects on how much power Americans use tomorrow, so it’s important that you let your voice be heard!

Inflation Reduction Act

With this investment, the U.S is set to become a clean energy superpower and jumpstart an industry that has been struggling for years! This historic level of funding will help create new jobs in solar panel installation as well fields like battery production or electric vehicle manufacturing – which have all seen recent plant closures due to lack of government support. With over 500 thousand job opportunities at stake, if we don’t take action now.

How California is doing their part for Solar Energy after the Inflation Reduction Act Passed

In addition to the national changes to support clean (and more specifically) solar energy, we’ve also seen some legislation in various states like California to support clean energy investments. The California State Legislature has just approved a two-year extension of the property tax exclusion for solar projects, providing stability to these struggling companies as they work hard at helping their home state meet its climate targets.

This is a critical step in ensuring California remains at the forefront of America’s clean energy transition. Since its inception, this policy has helped grow one of the largest markets for renewable power across all industries, with over 70 thousand jobs and millions of dollars flowing into local economies statewide! The extension of the property tax exclusion will provide much-needed certainty for solar and storage projects.

Inflation Reduction Act

The solar and storage industry is thrilled that we can continue investing in California because of the hard work of these incredible elected representatives. We’re hopeful Governor Newsom will sign this bill, so the investments don’t go elsewhere!

The good news is that you can do your part to lower your energy consumption of Grid power. Installing a solar system and battery backup means you can generate power from the sun, store any excess power generated, and do one of two things with it. If your city/power company supports net metering, you may be able to sell your extra power back to them and generate your energy and make a profit. The other option is to install a battery backup with your solar system allowing you to store your excess energy for use when you need it. (ex. at night, or during cloudy days)

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