Make the Most of The Inflation Reduction Act in 2022

Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a historic act that will drive investments into solar and storage deployment and domestic manufacturing capabilities while presenting uncertainty for the industry as it seeks to understand its complex provisions.

The time is now for clean energy companies to hear how their industry can take advantage of this new law. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has created several resources to help you understand the changes happening in America’s electric markets. They’re just waiting for all those interested parties to do more.

The solar and storage industry is growing rapidly, but it’s not just about the future – RE+ 2022 will offer attendees a wealth of information on how we got here. With more than 20 000 professionals descending upon Anaheim from September 19-22nd for this year’s event. Solar professionals can expect Glyde Solar and many others to be in attendance.

The Inflation Reduction Act will be one of the most critical factors in solar and storage growth for years, but it’s hard not knowing what this means.

How the Inflation Reduction Act Relates to Politics

The fight to get President Biden’s signature on an environmental protection bill was arduous and long-lasting.  It required years of hard work from thousands, but we finally got there!

With a rollercoaster of political changes ahead, the solar industry has been navigating its way through a tumultuous time. But as we learned this week at SEIA’s Annual Leadership Forum in Washington DC – where experts discussed how they achieved some historic wins with our current policies despite these challenges- there are still many lessons worth learning for future fights too!

The Inflation Reduction Act is a stunning success story that spans decades and involves many people. To understand how it all came together, From BBB to Inflation Reduction Act: A Behind-the Scene Look at a Historic Federal Energy Bill will dive into “how the sausage was made” with stories from experts on front-line duty during this exciting time.

The Work is Just Beginning

The passing of the Inflation Reduction Act excited many people, but it also presented several agencies with new legislation to implement. Fortunately for you, though, we have compiled all relevant information into one place so your team can get started on this endeavor as soon as possible! Learn more about what is happening at our critical RE+ session on Wednesday, where attorneys will provide insight and guidance regarding how best to handle these changes to avoid missing any deadlines or responsibilities under federal law while still meeting client needs head-on.

How Do you Manage The Growth In the Industry?

The Solar Industry has always been a little fuzzy on the details regarding policy and planning. But that’s all going to change with one law: The IRA will accelerate solar growth, putting us on track for 30% of US electrical generation by 2030! It’s not automatic, though- we need more than just good intentions now because some severe risks are involved in this rapid shift towards clean energy sources like wind or natural gas (notably greenhouse gases). With political uncertainty abroad and rising costs at home due to vastly increased regulation plus other factors such as industries and fatigue, businesses may be hesitant about investing immediately to enjoy their current profits while still breaking even.

Get a head start on the future of clean energy by attending these informative sessions like RE+ whether you are an investor, business owner or want to know more about how our laws shape this new era for America in terms of resource development!

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