Glyde is Tackling Deceptive Sales Practices in 2024

Glyde is working to actively combat deceptive sales practices with the solar industry.

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In recent years, the solar industry has witnessed a surge in deceptive sales practices, causing significant harm to customers and tarnishing the reputation of solar companies. Glyde Solar, a leading player in the solar energy sector, has taken proactive measures to address this issue head-on. This article delves into Glyde Solar’s commitment to combating deceptive sales practices, highlighting their efforts to enhance hiring methods, rectify situations when malpractices are identified, and employ innovative solutions such as partnering with Callpilot to protect their customers.

The Challenge With Deceptive Sales Practices

Deceptive sales practices within the solar industry have become a growing concern, affecting numerous customers across various solar companies. These practices often involve verbal promises made by salespeople that are not documented in contracts, leaving customers vulnerable to unfulfilled commitments. The absence of written proof complicates the resolution process, making it challenging for companies like Glyde Solar to address customer concerns effectively.

Glyde Solar’s Response

Recognizing the detrimental impact of deceptive sales practices on customers and the industry’s integrity, Glyde Solar has undertaken a multifaceted approach to address this challenge. The company acknowledges the importance of hiring a trustworthy sales team and emphasizes the significance of contractual agreements as a means of protecting customers.

Enhanced Hiring Methods

Glyde Solar has revamped its hiring methods to ensure the recruitment of individuals committed to providing the best service to customers. By implementing stringent vetting processes, the company aims to weed out potential candidates who may engage in deceptive sales practices. This proactive approach reflects Glyde Solar’s dedication to building a sales team that prioritizes customer satisfaction and transparency.

Rectifying Deceptive Practices

In instances where deceptive sales practices are identified, Glyde Solar takes swift action to rectify the situation. The company understands the challenges customers face when promises made by salespeople are not reflected in their contracts. Despite the complexities involved, Glyde Solar goes the extra mile to address these discrepancies, often resorting to legal action against the responsible salespersons. However, winning lawsuits is not always guaranteed, highlighting the difficulties companies face in ensuring customers receive what was promised during the sales process.

The Importance of Contractual Agreements

Glyde Solar emphasizes the significance of contractual agreements in protecting customers from deceptive sales practices. The company advises customers to thoroughly read the fine print of their contracts, as these documents serve as legally binding agreements. Any promises made by salespeople that are not documented in the contract should raise a red flag for customers to reach out directly to Glyde Solar. The company urges customers to be proactive in ensuring that the terms of their contracts align with the offers and promises presented during the sales process.

Strategic Partnership with Callpilot

A significant step Glyde Solar has taken to combat deceptive selling is the strategic partnership with Callpilot. This innovative collaboration enables Glyde Solar to utilize AI avatars to administer surveys and record responses through smart device cameras. The surveys include crucial questions such as whether the salesperson made any promises outside of the contractual agreement. This technology-driven approach empowers Glyde Solar to gather reliable information and protect customers from deceptive practices.

The Role of Callpilot in Combatting Deceptive Practices

Callpilot serves as a powerful tool in Glyde Solar’s arsenal against deceptive sales practices. The AI avatars facilitate the administration of surveys in a standardized and objective manner, ensuring consistent data collection. The recorded responses become valuable evidence in addressing potential discrepancies between verbal promises and contractual agreements. By leveraging this technology, Glyde Solar aims to completely eliminate deceptive sales practices within its organization, demonstrating a commitment to customer trust and satisfaction.


Glyde Solar’s dedication to combating deceptive sales practices within the solar industry showcases a proactive and customer-centric approach. Through enhanced hiring methods, a focus on contractual agreements, and a strategic partnership with Callpilot, Glyde Solar is taking significant strides to protect its customers from unscrupulous practices. While challenges persist in resolving deceptive sales issues, Glyde Solar’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement positions us as a leader in fostering trust within the solar energy sector. As customers continue to prioritize renewable energy solutions, Glyde Solar’s efforts to ensure a fair and transparent sales process contribute to the overall credibility and sustainability of the solar industry.

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