4 Reasons to Discover Solar in Texas

Solar panels are one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy bills, create your own energy, and help keep the environment healthy. Glyde Solar is quickly becoming a leading solar company in Colorado, offering photovoltaic solar panels, financing options, and outstanding customer service for all your solar needs.

What you pay for electricity depends on where you live. Glyde Solar has served the Colorado area since 2020, and we have helped hundreds of homeowners get solar panels installed at their homes. In addition to reducing your electric bill, the state government offers many incentives for those who install solar panels. If you’re interested in the details of these programs, please contact us here!

Glyde offers a wide range of options to ensure you can gain energy independence and security while getting the most out of incentives, tax credits, and solar rebate programs. Contact us today to schedule a free quote! Below we’ll establish some benefits for Going Solar in Texas!

solar power in texas

Residential Solar Power

The process of generating electricity from sunlight is simpler than you might think. Solar power systems in a residential setting have three main components:

1. Solar panels are an integral part of the production of electricity. These cells convert light into electric current which then moves through wiring to an inverter.

2. The inverter converts the panels’ DC electricity into usable AC for our homes.

3. The meter is a device used to measure the amount of electricity generated and consumed in your home. If you have more than what’s needed on any given day, it will be sent back out onto the grid.

Solar Energy in Texas is Easy

In Texas, homeowners have a number of solar rebate programs and special incentives available to help make the transition more affordable. These may change often. Contact Glyde Solar for the latest information on savings available!

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The federal solar tax credit is an opportunity to save money on your taxes. You can deduct 26% of the cost from what you pay for installing and owning a system. It’s important to note that this tax credit is being phased out over the next several years – only available until 2023.

Solar power in Texas

Glyde into Solar Energy in Texas

It’s never been a better time to invest in solar energy. Government incentives are at an all-time high and will decrease by the end of 2022, so you want to get started on your system now before these savings disappear!

Solar Power is the Perfect Solution for Texans

The great state of Texas is leading the way when it comes to residential solar panel systems. The booming market for residential solar panels has seen a sudden increase in the last few years, with Texas ranked 1st overall by SEIA (2021). The benefits of going solar are tremendous, but homeowners often hesitate because they’re unsure if it’s worth the cost. Fortunately for Texas residents, there are many incentives in place to help finance and install your new system!

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