5 Reasons to Go Solar in 2022

Are you thinking about installing home solar panels and a home battery? Solar rooftop panels and home batteries are now more affordable, accessible, resilient, and efficient than ever before. Improve your home’s energy efficiency and save on monthly electricity costs with solar panels. With over 1,000 installations completed to date and new technologies that lower costs, Glyde Solar can help you go solar for as little as $0 down. Here’s 5 Reasons to Go Solar in 2022!

Solar Power is an Excellent Choice

1. Take Control of your Power

Solar panels and home batteries are two of the most advanced and affordable ways to take control of your electric bill and create a more sustainable future. Here’s what you need to know about solar panels, home battery storage, and how these innovations can benefit you. This helps you avoid peak electricity rates and provides reliable backup power when the grid goes down.

In today’s world, electricity costs are increasing. The average utility rate for a home in the U.S. has increased 15% in the past ten years and is likely to continue. Solar service agreements can offer low rates that are typically less expensive than your electric company’s rates, so you can expect, on average, to pay less for power when you go solar.

By harnessing the sun’s power, you can make a positive impact while saving on your electricity costs. Plugging into the grid with solar panels allows you to produce energy at less than half of what it would cost if you purchased electricity from your utility company. Solar batteries also help buffer you from increasing electric rates and certain times-of-use (TOU) rates so that even when the sun is not shining or at night time, you are still saving money on your electricity bill! Fear of the next blackout or electricity bill? Glyde’s solar home battery can provide peace of mind and convenience. Glyde’s system automatically recharges when there is sun and can store power for use on cloudy days or at night.

2. Generate Clean and Renewable Energy

Solar power is clean, reliable and makes good economic sense. Solar Panels can provide more than 50% of your home’s electricity needs for the system’s lifetime. With home solar, you’ll lock in low monthly savings and start saving money on your utility bills from day one.

Going solar is an investment in a cleaner environment and a healthier tomorrow. By installing solar panels on your roof, you can take advantage of renewable energy sources, eliminate the need to burn fossil fuels and reduce air pollution that harms health and the environment.

  Home solar is a growing industry. The potential for solar is immense. If we could capture all the solar energy on the planet for just one hour, we would have enough to power the whole world for an entire year. When you reduce your carbon footprint by choosing solar panels, you’ll help to eliminate harmful emissions from burning fossil fuels. Renewable energy technologies are the key to a cleaner and brighter future for all.

3. Increase your Home Value

Home solar energy is yours to control while adding property value. Research shows, however, that the wattage generated by a solar installation does not raise the value of a home in a 1-to-1 fashion. So, installing a massive solar array on your rooftop won’t necessarily equal the same increase in resale value. California property appraiser Willie Wong tells The San Francisco Chronicle that “Homebuyers want to buy energy savings, comfort and functionality – not energy generation equipment.” For this reason, it is critical to choose a solar installation that has been sized correctly. With rebates and other financial incentives available in many markets today, it’s possible for consumers to recoup installation costs over time through regular electricity bill savings.

Installing solar panels in your home can be a significant investment, as it will help save on energy costs by generating electricity and reducing your carbon footprint. Solar energy is free, but the systems themselves cost money to install so they can be an expensive option. Meanwhile, federal and state tax credits have made them more affordable. Raising your property value is another incentive to go solar since studies show an average increase in resale value between $4,020 and $5,911 for each 1 kilowatt of solar panels installed. So with a more minor 3.1 Kw system, you may add up to $18,324 in value to your home.

For More information about how solar can increase your home value, see our other article going into more depth here: https://glydesolar.com/do-solar-panels-increase-home-value/

4. Tax Breaks and Cash Incentives for Solar

The average cost of solar panels is $16,200 – $21,420. Many people choose to get solar and batteries through third-party ownership, allowing them all the system’s benefits for just a low monthly rate. However, others choose to buy their systems outright. The federal solar tax credit will cover up to 26% of the cost of panels. Depending on where you live, you may qualify for local rebates that can help with 15-25% off the purchase price.


Solar renewable energy credits, or SRECs, can help home solar system owners earn a return on solar. Some states set a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), which requires companies that provide electricity to get a portion of their energy from renewable sources like home solar. To meet the RPS, electric companies can buy solar credits from home solar energy systems. Home solar system owners can sell SRECs through an aggregator like SRECTrade, which bundles their SRECs and sells them to the electric company.

Net Metering

In Net Metering, solar panels collect energy from the sun and produce electricity. When your solar system produces excess electricity, it is sent back to the grid, and the electric company might buy that energy from you. Consumers that sell their extra power to the electric company then use that amount to offset their total electric bill.

Federal Investment Tax Credit

  As of 2022, you’ll also be eligible for the federal tax credit if you buy your home solar system outright. The tax credit can reduce the cost of a solar installation by 26%. If you purchase a 9-kilowatt system for $19,000, you’ll pay $12,920 after receiving your tax credit.

Tax Exemptions

If you purchase a new solar system, you may not have to pay property taxes on it. Whether your state or municipality offers property or sales tax exemptions, there are many benefits to choosing solar energy. For example, households understand the value of property tax exemptions—purchased solar systems may increase the value of your home by up to $15,000 on average, so you’ll get even more bang for your buck if you decide to move. And depending on the sales tax rate in your state, a sales tax exemption could result in considerable savings if you purchase your solar system from us today!

5. Solar is Cheaper than Ever

If you want to cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, installing a home solar system may be the best financial decision. Prices for such systems have dropped by an average of more than 70% since 2010. With solar panels, homes become self-sufficient and save money on utility bills. Glyde is a home solar service agreement designed to make home solar accessible, affordable, and convenient. We work with you to design a system that’s right for your home and budget, getting you set up quickly and easily.

Installing residential solar panels is a sound investment. Whether upgrading your home for a future sale or making it your forever home, your property value will significantly increase. This added value makes payback periods less of a concern. In addition to the increased property value, you’ll save money and reduce carbon emissions. An investment in solar will help you save money on utility costs and add to your bottom line.

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